Matheson Associates

Established in Wellington, New Zealand in 2004, Matheson Associates has been successfully providing management, research and learning consultancy services to social sector clients with management responsibilities for over 10 years. New Zealand and overseas clients include the Accident Compensation Corporation; Banardoes NZ; Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (UK); Child, Youth and Family Services; Department of Families Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Australia); Department of Internal Affairs; Department of Labour; IHC; KPMG (Australia); Ministry of Education; Massey University; Ministry of Social Development; National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence (Ako Aotearoa); the New Zealand Family and Foster Care Federation; and the New Zealand Teachers Council.

With over 25 years of management and consultancy experience with the government sector, Matheson Associates can diagnose problems, identify opportunities, boost your capacity, strengthen capability improvement, provide an independent perspective, ask the hard questions, help you assess strategic options and advise you on whether your organisational efforts are delivering, or likely to deliver, the results that you are looking for. Specialising across community services, education, health and welfare, most of our services can be tailored to your particular needs and/or be undertaken collaboratively.

Our core services are:

  • Management Consulting
  • Research and Evaluation and
  • Learning and Development.